Town Hall

What – An ODGC Town Hall Meeting

A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting that gives the members of a community an opportunity to get together to discuss emerging issues and to voice concerns and preferences for their community. A typical meeting is attended by both citizens and officials, giving everyone a chance to talk personally in a relaxed environment about the things which matter to them. Typically, the organization and leadership are minimal, encouraging people to settle their differences amicably and with help from friends.” (

When – November 19, 2013 – 6pm-9pm

Where – Local Heroes Meeting Room, 1400 Clyde Ave, Ottawa

Why – The ODGC has just completed its first term for elected board members. A new president will be chosen in the coming months and there are issues and developments, that are best discussed in person so everyone is on the same page. A town hall will allow members to express their thoughts and opinions on disc golf matters in the region and outside.

Who – All members and interested parties are invited.


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